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At Becoming Mama we offer you a nurturing infant massage course, designed to help promote bonding with your baby, give you the skills to massage with confidence, and to become part of your postnatal support network. Our course is baby-led, welcoming, and can provide support after any birth experience. 

Touch is an important way to promote secure parent-child attachment, involving the focus of a parent on a child, which directly communicates love, caring and respect. Infant massage is one way of expressing these feelings, it has been shown to have many benefits to attachment and development, and has been used around the world for centuries. 

By learning massage that you can incorporate into your routine, your confidence in your relationship with your baby will be enhanced, and you will have practical tools for soothing common ailments. We will cover techniques that can alleviate trapped wind and constipation, soothe colic, ease teething pain, unblock noses, develop body awareness and coordination, and strengthen and tone muscles. It will encourage your baby to relax and improve the quality of their sleep - although we can't promise that they will suddenly sleep through the night! 

Our course is for babies from newborn (preferably from around 6 weeks old, but this can be discussed) up until, and including when they are sitting (but not yet crawling). Both mamas and/or dadas are welcome to attend the course, and we offer specific 'Becoming Dada' courses on request (perhaps as a first Christmas / Father's Day present for a group of NCT Dads!).

The Becoming Mama course is structured into 4x 1.5hour classes, providing a total of 6 hours of dedicated teaching. We will cover: 

Session 1 - Introduction to massage and the benefits for baby, oil patch test, chest, tummy & leg strokes

Session 2 - Re-cap on the previous session, plus foot, arm and hand strokes

Session 3 - Re-cap on the previous session, plus back, head and face strokes

Session 4 - Full body massage

And socialising is always encouraged after every class (hopefully with your sleeping babes)! 

Included in the price of our course is a handout of the massage strokes plus songs we incorporate into the routine, a small bottle of oil and personalised certificates. 

Becoming Mama offers infant massage both as a group or private course (adapted to 3x 1hour classes). During private consultations we develop bespoke routines to work on specific issues, in the comfort of your own home.

PRIVATE GROUP COURSES (e.g. from NCT, mum & baby pilates etc.)

Hosted by participants 

Contact me for availability - usually Thursday afternoons.

PUBLIC GROUP COURSES (book as an individual)

Held at Bamboo Wellness studio and cafe in Wandsworth Town 

11th July - 1st August: 10 - 11.30am

8th August - 5th September: 10 - 11.30am

19th September - 10th October: 10 - 11.30am

Both of these options allow plenty of space and time for feeding the babies, nappy mishaps, feeding yourself, and supportive adult(!) conversation, in a relaxed environment.

To Baby and Beyond training course is fully recognised and approved by the RCM, CThA, FEDANT, IPTI and The CPD Standards Office.

Becoming Mama feedback

"Ellie is such a great teacher, very patient and relaxed."

"Love the effects of the massage, notice that my baby is visibly more relaxed."

"Nice, informal approach to the class. It felt relaxed and baby-led, which was perfect."

"Very approachable instructor and lovely to share experiences and get advice."

"Very professional and highly skilled." 

"Lovely informal teaching style & environment. Great bonding with baby."

"We loved the course!"

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