About Me

I am Ellie, a SW London mama to Teddy, and a practising Midwife. I am passionate about couples becoming informed about physiological labour and birth during their pregnancy and, particularly since becoming a mother myself, greatly value the necessity for social and informal support in the postnatal period. 

Hypnobirthing and Infant Massage

As a Midwife I have supported incredible hypnobirthing couples; in control, calm, peaceful. This inspired me to practice hypnobirthing myself when I was pregnant and, after an extremely positive experience, to train to become a KG Hypnobirthing instructor myself. 

Whilst training to become a midwife, I learnt about the positive effects of massage for babies and the basic techniques. I decided to formalise this training by becoming an Infant Massage Instructor, after experiencing the benefits with Teddy, and love supporting new parents through this unique (and challenging, sleep-deprived, rewarding, special, oxytocin-filled) time! 

My Qualifications

Registered Midwife R.M.

KG Hypnobirthing Teacher DipHb(KGH)

Infant Massage Instructor - Practitioner Diploma

Aromatherapy for Childbirth

Business Management MSc.